Vinnie Vinnie

Vinnie was a Rennie Cat who lived in Canada. Through RPCC he met and fell in love with Laura, a little white cat who lived in Arizona with Gabrielle.

Laura left for the Rainbow Bridge in July 2004. In August 2005, Vinnie followed her.

They are both missed by their families and by many Internet friends.

An owld blak cat waykz up inna stranj plays in frunt uv a bridj an seez befor him at da offur syde a lush green meddow unnurneeth a kleer bloo sky, da sent uv nip in da ayr.  Az he gayziz in wundur at da spektakyewlar site, a gathurin uv furrz appeerz offur da horizun.  

Az dey reech da Bridj, dey bekkun Vinnie tu joyn dem. Vinnie rubz hiz ayez in disbeeleef az he seez manee uv hiz owld frendz in da gathurin krowd.

Az he maykz hiz way akross da bridj, a lownlee floot kin be hurd amonsst da krowd. He stopz an lisinz, wunnurin if maybee, possiblee; no, it kuddnt be. He kontinyewz akross da Bridj, an notisiz da payn leevin hiz achin bonez; a spring in hiz step, the sownd uv da floot bekummin lowdur.

Jist az he reechiz da end uv da bridj tu joyn doze waytin, da gathurin dividez, leevin wun lone kitty wif fowr legz, an wun bloo an wun gold aye.

Vinnie rushiz tu hiz bewtiful Laura, an hugz hur titetitetite. " Laura, mine bewtiful Laura, Ize missed yu so mutch! <smoooooooooooooootch!> An now Ize heer wif yu smoooooooootch!> Now weez kin be tugeffur furreffur an effur.

[At the Rennie house, a huge white & grey cat clutches Kissa's paw. In front of them is Vinnie's blanket and, on top of it, a silent silver  flute. Both reach out and, trembling just a little, smooth the blanket, then touch the flute. Ralph's ears twitch and then Kissa joins him in  looking upward to the clouds at the top of the rainbow.]

Kissa, dew yew heer dat? It... it sownds lik Laura's flute plaeing a jig, baked by Siggy's orkestra. Dew yew think Vinnie haz fownd her? I want dem boff bak wif alla mine hart, but I hafta be glad dey ar helfy ana yung agin.

[Ralph begins to sing the song Laura sang at so many Jellicle Balls, changing the chorus just a little, and Kissa joins in.]

Cat Anjelz, kin yew heer uz?
Cat Anjelz, kin see uz?
We know yewr up above
Foreffur wif yew own tru lovez

[At the Bridj, Laura hands her new flute to a young grey dog who steps aside to let her rush to to top of the Bridj. The crowd parts before her as she runs faster and faster toward the old black cat crossing the Bridge who is slowly turning into the most handsome black cat she has ever seen.]

Vinnie! Vinnie! Vinnie! Itz me, yewrown Laura! Weze gonna haff sew much fun! We kin runrunrun ana dance atta ballz. But furst, we need to do sumfing.

[Clutching Vinnie's paw tightly, and taking her flute back from Monique, Laura draws Vinnie to the edge of the Bridge where they look down past the clouds to the places their beloved famlies and friends are looking up at them. Laura plays a simple refrain on her flute and then, backed by the orchestra and chorale, softly sing...]

Deer wunz, we kin heer yew
Deer wunz, we kin see yew
We ar weighting up above
Wif ar hartz still filled wif love

[They spend a long moment looking down at all who loved them, then Laura draws Vinnie away and, handing her flute to Monique, pulls Vinnie onto the dance floor where they begin a lively waltz... wun, tew, free, wun, tew, free... soon joined by all their friends and family at the Bridge as Vinnie's welcome party begins.]