Frank Zubek's Elusive Cube
Patent Pending
Hand Made Collector Sets Available
The Basic Pieces
Each of the basic pieces have the same volume
except for the tetrahedron which is twice the others.
Double Corner
Solid Kite
Volume formulas that can be shown with these blocks.
Some Clusters
4 of these clusters are larger versions of the basic blocks.
So these larger blocks could be put together to make even larger blocks ad infinitum.
This assortment of 3-d tiles can fill space.
(44 pieces)
Large Octane (8 pieces)
Large Right Double Corner (8 pieces)
Large Solid Kite (8 pieces)
Large Tetrahedron
(12 pieces)
The face to face connectors are magnets.
When Zubek told me every face attaches to any other face,
I was skeptical, thinking it inevitable that
north would meet north or a south magnetic poles would meet south.
But these really work!
Universal connectors that make every face compatible with every other face
is an important strength of this toy.
The Happy Meal Toy that started it all

The 3 Triangular Faces
The faces of these pieces are one of 3 kinds of triangle
Since there are 3 kinds, it seems logical to fill them with the primary colors.

Isosceles Right
Scalene Right
Some Miscellaneous Shapes
Stretched Cube
(10 pieces)
Larger stretched cube
(24 pieces)
Frank Zubek
1726 NW 40th
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
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