Betsy Doodle

This is Betsy. She started out as Bruno's Dog, quickly became Betsy Wetsy because of her reaction to just about anything she isn't sure about, and then turned into Betsy Doodle, Bright as a Noodle. She's also known as Betsy No! and Betsy Don't!

But, mostly, she's just plain Betsy.

She had the kink at the far end of her tail when she arrived at the dog pound. She almost died there but the staff nursed her back to life and waited for just the right sucker, errr, kind hearted person to adopt her. But it wasn't really a human who rescued her. It was another dog.


Bruno Reddog was happy in his new home where the food bowl was always full and the water bowl was big enough to swim in, if a dog was silly enough to want to swim, which Bruno wasn't. But, as much as he loved his new home and his new human, one who never ever hit him, there was something missing.

 One day a strange dog came home with Bruno's human. The dog's human came to get it, because it had been lost, but the fun the two dogs had made Bruno and his human realize what was missing in Bruno's happy new life: a friend!

Betsy and her boneSo Bruno's human drove him to the pound where he met a grouchy old terrier who tried to bite him and then a little girl puppy who licked his face.

It was an easy decision when Bruno had to pick who he wanted to go home with him (only because he didn't have to see all those other dogs who don't have homes, says his human, who did see them).

Betsy liked Bruno when they first met, but she was a little afraid of him. He's so big and can run so fast, sometimes right over the top of her!

But he's nice to her, at least most of the time. She's not allowed near his food bowl but that's okay since she has her own bowl that Bruno can't reach. And he gets to chew on all the new toys first. But he does share his bed and his teddy bear, and that's a good start.

Right now, Betsy is happy to let Bruno be boss, but she's got plans...