Alice Alee
Alice pregnant
Alice Alee had her first litter of kittens while she was still a kitten herself. She chose a den in the walls of the Ajo Copper News and it was a while before any people realized they were there. It was even longer before they were able to trap Alice and her four yellow kittens.

Because the kittens were all too old to be socialized (a serious attempt was made and failed), they were spayed or neutered, given shots, and then turned back into the newspaper garage to be the official squirrel control agents.

Alice herself, though, wasn't feral. She had been ferocious before, but only because she was guarding her kittens. Once she was taken to a home, she turned into a cuddle cat.

Settling in at her new home, Alice began growing. Soon it was obvious the little cat was mostly growing around her belly. Yes, she'd managed to get pregnant before she was caught. Her pregnancy was too advanced for her to be spayed, so that will wait until her last litter is weaned.

The kittens arrived on August 17, 2005.
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Alice with kittens
Alice had six kittens in a cat carrier in the bedroom.

Four are yellow like their mama.
One is orange (in the back of the pack).
And one is solid grey... at least so far.

The four neutered toms in the household are interested in the kittens, but leery of getting too close. Alice doesn't invite close inspection. She has let her human handle the kittens, though, and purred.

Homes will be needed. Good, loving homes where they will be properly cherished.

If you'd like a kitten, e-mail me at
Alice with Clyde on guard
August 25, 2005

The kittens are now a week old. Their eyes aren't open yet but they're far more active and much louder. Those newborn squeeks are now little mews.

Even though I've taken them out of the carrier a few times, Alice continues to keep them there. She pushed the purr pads I'd lined the carrier with to the front to make a kitten barrier.

The other cats are curious. Most of them run when I present a kitten for their inspection. Clyde, on guard in this picture, comes closest to actually investigating close at hand. Alice tolerates this and even leaves her den to eat when the other cats are near.

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Kittens at two weeks
And here three of the kittens are at two weeks. Eyes are open and curiousity is setting in. After my granddaughter visited for the weekend, Alice moved them under the bed and they seem content to stay there as long as Alice doesn't neglect feeding chores.

Chloe kitten kiss

Little Chloe was facinated by the kittens,
though she was disappointed
she couldn't hug and kiss them
 the way she wanted to.