Cats! Ancestors
    I am a middle-aged newspaper editor and former paramedic who lives in the isolated desert community of Ajo, Arizona. An animal lover in general, I am particularly enamored of cats and have been owned by some of the finest felines ever to rumble a purr.

Cat I'm a cat lover first & foremost. I can't remember a time when I didn't have a cat in my life.  At the moment, I'm owned by Ralph, Fred, Alice, Jane, Ricky, Mary, Judith, Claude, and Lilah Marie, a clowder who keep the house well covered with discarded fur. They aren't the only animals in my life, though. There are the dogs -- Bruno, Chuy, and visting corgi Naru -- plus assorted turtles and fish. They all demand, and sometimes get, their fair share of my attention.

Ajo Copper News I'm also a newspaper editor.  In 1983, I succeeded my mother as editor of the Ajo Copper News, a small rural weekly in southwestern Arizona, and also took over her column "Quacks".  I run the paper with my brother Hop, who stepped into our father's shoes as publisher.  Our brother Joe managed to escape for many years but is now retired from his job in Alabama and back on the newspaper staff.  I sometimes wonder if we own the newspaper, or if it owns us.

Ambulance My second job, until recently, was as a paramedic.  I got started late -- I didn't become an EMT until 1991 when I was in my forties.   I worked two days a week for Ajo Ambulance, a non-profit company I helped start, until the summer of 2012 when sad circumstance dictated I retire from the field.   It was hard work, frequently dirty and often thankless, but I enjoyed it. I wish I could still do it.

Books Books have been part of my life almost as long as cats. My  childhood was spent in a family whose noses were all buried firmly in books (we didn't have a TV until I was about eight) and it seemed perfectly natural to me to lose myself between the covers of my favorite books. The earliest ones were The Bobbsey Twins and from there I went on to devour Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, and other preteen fare. For most of my adult life I've read cozy mysteries, fantasy, and history -- though dips into other genres are the rule rather than the exception.

    I've added breast cancer survivor to my list. I found the lump the day before Thanksgiving 2007. Diagnosis followed rapidly with a bilateral mastectomy in January 2008 and then six months of chemotherapy. It's a rough road to go down but at least I'm here to do it.

Family Album I'm not yet an eccentric old lady surrounded by cats and books and shunning human companionship.  I have family who are a big part of my life: my daughter Paula with her husband Joey and my granddaughters Ashlee & Danielle, my son Gery and his daughter Chloe, my brother Joe, my brother Hop & his family. I am also researching my roots and am gradually building a family history section for my pages.

Where is Ajo? Where??
       Ajo is a small town in southwestern Arizona, about 40 miles north of the Mexican border, in the middle of the great Sonoran Desert.  Ajo was a mining town for most of its life, then became a retirement community when the copper mine was closed in the early 1980s.

        That's an even smaller town about eleven miles southeast of Ajo. The highway branches there to head south to Mexico or east to Tucson.

        I was born in 1947 to Richard F. & Ann Hollister David.  After floating around for many years, I ended up in Ajo in 1980.   I plan to remain here a long, long time.

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