The Rainbow Bridge

Yet Another Version

Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge where animals go when they die. At the Bridge there are sunny meadows and shady dells where they can run and play together. There is plenty to eat and lots of soft places to take long naps.

Animals who were ill or old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are whole and strong again. Beloved pets are just as they are remembered in dreams and the feral are given the lives they should have had. 

The animals are content, but many of them miss someone very special, someone who was left behind when they crossed the Bridge.

Then, one day, an animal stops in play and looks into the distance. A familiar figure has taken the first step in crossing the Bridge and must be met!

There is a pause in their journey to savor the joys of reunion, and then they cross the Rainbow Bridge together . . .

Dedicated to the memory
of the lady cat
and all the other beloved animals
who have crossed
the Bridge ahead of us.

Also dedicated to the memory
of my mother
Ann Hollister David
who has joined her 
Peter Pan and Swartzie
Albert, Blackie, Charlie, Thunder,
and all the others who play
in the warm meadows
beyond sorrow and pain
at the Rainbow Bridge.

Family and Friends at the Rainbow Bridge
The Greater House of David:  Albert (1947- 1969), Blackie (1949? - 1959), Thunder (1960 - 197?), Charlie (1960 - 197?), Peter Pan (1920s?), Swartzie (1930s?), Parr, Zimmerman, Pippen, Kee, Abednego, Mau, Kitten Little, Delilah, Pyramus & Thisbe, Wellington (aka The Rat), Callaghan & Murphy, Sayers & Rendell (the Weasel Twins), James, Asimov, Andrews, Franz Josef, Tukaluk, Tamerlane, Rags, Antigone, Ariadne, Max, Morgan, Skeezix, Coco, Whittaker, Nils Van Illa, Maude Muggles, Charlotte, G.K. Chesterton, Agatha, Wentworth, Persephone, Charlotte, Folly, Cecily the Cloud Cat, Thurber, Batbert, Slippery Jim DiGriz (the Stainless Steel Rat), Tenzing Norgay (Feb. 1, 1999), Nathan and Hale (September 1999), Bocanada (March 11, 2000), Steinbeck (July 12, 2000), Monique Davidogue, HC (October 4, 2000), Kachunk the Tortoise (May 2001), Wentworth (June 10, 2001), Slartybartfast (October 22, 2002), Mergenthaler (July 2003), Herkimer & Turtledough (July 2003), Tomo (April 1982 - March 20, 2004), Laura Ann Mihstol (June 15, 1993 - July 7, 2004).
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