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Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes were farm kittens who decided they wanted to be city kitties so they adopted Paula and Joey Call.  Calvin turned out to be a girl, but the name had already stuck before anyone discovered she lacked certain masculine attributes.

They're growing quickly, as kittens are prone to do, and are close to becoming full-fledged cats.

Calvin & Hobbes at play
Kittens! By the time it was discoved that Calvin was a girl, she was already expecting and gave birth to three kittens. One of the girls has already gone to a good home but, at three months, Peanut and Kingsford (an all black male) remain.

Calvin and Hobbes and their kittens live in Kansas with the eccentric elderly cat Tomo, the ferrets Holly and Molly, and the humans Paula, Joey, Ashlee and Danielle.

This is one of the ferrets that Calvin & Hobbes and Tomo have to put up with. Molly is ferreting out a forbidden treat -- a peanut M&M. 

It's not the best portrait, but it does portray the inquisitiveness that make up 99% of a ferret's soul.

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Paula's daughters Ashlee & Danielle
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